POCTOY WHITE BEACH in Torrijos, Marinduque

POCTOY WHITE BEACH in Torrijos, Marinduque

POCTOY WHITE BEACH in Torrijos, Marinduque: A Pristine Paradise Awaits

Poctoy White Beach, located in the charming coastal town of Torrijos, Marinduque, beckons travelers from every corner of the globe with its breathtaking beauty. This renowned gem in the Philippines features a sweeping kilometer-long expanse of powdery white sand caressed by crystal-clear azure waters, creating an idyllic setting for sun-soaked days of swimming, snorkeling, and leisurely strolls along the shore.

Poctoy White sand Beach in Marinduque
Poctoy White sand Beach in Marinduque

Visitors often find themselves mesmerized by the breathtaking views that Poctoy White Beach provides. The palm-fringed shoreline faces the Sibuyan Sea and offers a glimpse of the tawny Bundok Peninsula and Romblon Island, showcasing the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, the impressive Mt. Malindig serves as an awe-inspiring backdrop to the beach.

Maintained by the municipality, the white sand beach is well-kept, with beaches raked twice per day and clean, warm waters that make swimming an absolute pleasure. Poctoy White Beach’s unique charm, combined with its natural beauty and accessibility, truly makes it a must-visit destination in Marinduque, Philippines.

Location and Accessibility

Getting to Torrijos

Poctoy White Beach is located in the coastal town of Torrijos, Marinduque, a beautiful island province in the Philippines. Getting to Torrijos usually involves a combination of air and sea travel. Guests can take a flight from Manila to Marinduque, followed by a bangka ride to Balanacan Port, the main entry point to the island.

Local Transportation

From Balanacan Port, travelers can opt for public transportation, such as jeepneys or rented tricycles, to reach Torrijos. The ride is fairly accessible and relatively inexpensive, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors alike.

Proximity to Manila

Marinduque is around 160 kilometers south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The travel time by air from Manila to Marinduque is approximately 1 hour, while the subsequent bangka ride to Balanacan Port takes about 2-3 hours. In total, one should expect the journey from Manila to Torrijos to take around 4-5 hours.

Directions from Boac and Sta. Cruz

For those already on the island, Poctoy White Beach is easily accessible from the nearby towns of Boac and Sta. Cruz. If coming from Boac, the provincial capital, the beach is a 30-45 minute drive away. From Sta. Cruz, located on the northern side of the island, expect a slightly longer travel time of around 1.5 hours.

Visiting Poctoy White Beach provides an opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes of Torrijos, Marinduque. Its accessibility from various entry points makes it an ideal destination for a relaxing island getaway.

Beach Features

White Sand Quality

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque is known for its stunning, fine white sand. The kilometer-long stretch of beach is lined with palm trees, providing a picturesque and relaxing setting. The sand is soft and smooth underfoot, which adds to the overall beach experience.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

The cleanliness of Poctoy White Beach is particularly commendable, with the municipality maintaining high standards of cleanliness and orderliness. Beaches are raked twice per day, and the sidewalk is regularly swept to ensure the area remains pristine. The warm, clear blue waters are inviting for swimmers and snorkelers alike. A small environmental fee is charged to visitors, which contributes to the sustainable and ongoing maintenance of the beach.

Natural Attractions

Apart from the fine white sand, Poctoy White Beach offers a variety of natural attractions to explore, including impressive coral, rock formations, and sea grass. These features make the beach a perfect spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts who want to discover the underwater beauty of this coastal gem.

One particularly interesting aspect of the beach’s marine life is the presence of black sea urchins. These creatures can often be found nestled among the coral and rocks, providing a unique sight for visitors to admire.

In addition, the beach boasts a spectacular view of Mt. Malindig, adding to the natural beauty of the area. The majestic mountain backdrop creates a perfect setting for visitors who want to relax and soak in the stunning surroundings.

Poctoy Beach
Poctoy Beach

Activities and Experiences

Swimming and Relaxation

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque, is the perfect destination for those looking for a tranquil and picturesque beach experience. Known for its fine white sand and pristine blue waters, this stunning location is ideal for swimming and relaxation. Here, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach, especially during the cooler hours of the day.

Water Sports

Although Poctoy White Beach is not as bustling as some other tourist destinations, it still offers a variety of water activities for adventure-seekers. For instance, tourists can engage in exhilarating activities such as kayaking and snorkeling to explore the crystal-clear waters and discover the diverse marine life.

  • Water Sports Available at Poctoy White Beach:

Fishing and Angling

Poctoy White Beach is also an excellent spot for fishing and angling enthusiasts. Visitors can try their hand at these activities, either from the shore or by renting a local boating service. The calm and serene environment, along with the rich marine life, makes fishing a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike.

Underwater Museum at Poctoy White Beach photo by Freedom Dellosa via FB
Underwater Museum at Poctoy White Beach photo by Freedom Dellosa via FB

Diving and Snorkeling

Poctoy White Beach in Marinduque offers opportunities for diving and snorkeling, with its clear and warm waters peppered with coral. Visitors can explore the underwater beauty and marine life while enjoying their time at the beach.

Amenities and Facilities

Cottage and Accommodation Options

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque offers a variety of cottage and accommodation options to cater to the needs of beachgoers. There are small cottages available for rent, providing a comfortable space where visitors can eat, rest, and enjoy a siesta after a swim. These cottages feature simple yet functional designs and come with reasonable rental fees. Additionally, palm-fringed trees provide natural shade along the beach.

Food and Dining

Poctoy White Beach offers a food and dining experience that gives visitors a taste of local cuisine. There are several food stalls and stores where you can buy fresh seafood and enjoy delicious paluto dishes, prepared according to your preference. It’s an excellent opportunity to indulge in local flavors while enjoying your beach getaway.

Safety and Security

Safety and security of visitors are essential aspects of the beach experience at Poctoy White Beach. The municipal government operates and maintains the beach, ensuring that facilities are well-maintained and the environment is clean. Life guards are also available on-site to keep the visitors safe while they swim and enjoy the pristine blue waters.

In summary, the amenities and facilities at Poctoy White Beach include various cottage and accommodation options, enticing food and dining experiences, and a focus on safety and security for all visitors.

Fees and Regulations

Entrance and Cottage Fees

Visitors to Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque can expect to pay a minimum entrance fee of Php 25 per person. The fee may vary depending on which area of the island you plan to stay at. In addition to the entrance fee, there is an environmental fee of Php 50 per person, which supports the sustainable management and maintenance of the beach.

For those who wish to rent a cottage, the cottage fees are quite reasonable. You can rent an air-conditioned cottage that accommodates up to six people for P1,500 to P2,000 for 24 hours, depending on the season. An additional hourly fee of P300 is charged for extended stays. Alternatively, day-use cottages are available for P300 per day and ?600 for overnight stays.

If you prefer to camp, you can bring your own tent and pitch it for free, while tent rentals are available for P400 to P500.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

To ensure the preservation of Poctoy White Beach’s natural beauty, the island’s management has implemented various environmental conservation measures. The required environmental fee of Php 50 per person helps fund the maintenance and cleaning of the beach.

Additionally, the local government of Torrijos actively maintains and operates the beach, providing visitors with small cottages for rent at reasonable fees. By contributing to the upkeep and conservation efforts, visitors can enjoy the pristine beach while supporting the local economy and environment.

Best Times to Visit

Seasonal Considerations

The ideal time to visit Poctoy White Beach is during the summer months, between late March and May. The weather is typically warm and sunny, making it a perfect time to relax and enjoy the beautiful white sand beach. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the summer months also coincide with the peak season, meaning the beach may be more crowded during this period.

November is another good time to visit the beach, as the rainy season has ended and the temperatures are still warm. Although there might be occasional rainfall, November generally offers pleasant weather for sunbathing and swimming.

Local Events and Festivals

Tourists visiting Poctoy White Beach should also consider the local events happening in the area. The province of Marinduque is well-known for the Moriones Festival, one of the oldest and most religious festivals in the Philippines. This event takes place during the Holy Week, which usually falls between late March and early April, depending on the lunar calendar.

During the Moriones Festival, the province attracts numerous visitors, leading to an increase in crowd levels at Poctoy White Beach. For those who wish to avoid the crowds, visiting the beach outside of the Holy Week events is advised. On the other hand, if tourists are interested in experiencing the festival firsthand, they should plan their visit to Poctoy White Beach accordingly.

Practical Information

Tips for First-Time Visitors

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque, is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. For first-time visitors, there are a few tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Bring a tent: Although there are small cottages available for rent, bringing a tent gives you the freedom to choose your spot on the beach and save on rental fees.
  2. Cook your food: While there are eateries nearby, cooking your own meals can help you save on expenses and enjoy a more personalized beach experience. Be sure to bring a portable stove or grill, as well as eating utensils and ingredients.
  3. Camping: Poctoy White Beach is an excellent spot for an overnight camp. Enjoy the stars at night or a peaceful sleep listening to the ocean waves.
  4. Morning and afternoon activities: Explore the beach in the morning for a refreshing swim or go snorkeling in the pristine blue waters. In the afternoon, take a hike to nearby Mt. Malindig or have a fun-filled beach volleyball game.
  5. Packing essentials: Don’t forget sunscreen, insect repellent, and appropriate footwear for walking on the beach and hiking if you plan to explore the surrounding areas. A basic first-aid kit is also helpful to have on hand in case of minor pains or injuries.

Itinerary Planning

To make the most of your visit to Poctoy White Beach, careful itinerary planning is essential. Here’s a suggested outline for a day trip, though feel free to adjust according to your preferences:


  • Arrival at Poctoy White Beach
  • Set up your tent as a temporary rendezvous point for your group
  • Enjoy a dip in the clear blue waters or go snorkeling


  • Cook your meal at your campsite or go to a nearby eatery


  • Trek to Mt. Malindig (requires a permit, can be obtained at the local tourism office) or explore neighboring beaches and attractions
  • Return to Poctoy White Beach for beachside games and relaxation


  • Enjoy a bonfire (check the local regulations) or simply admire the sunset
  • Cook dinner at the campsite or dine at a local restaurant

By following these practical tips and crafting a thoughtful itinerary, your visit to Poctoy White Beach will be an unforgettable experience.

Poctoy White Sand Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque
Poctoy White Sand Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entrance fees for visitors to the beach?

The entrance fee for Poctoy White Beach is minimal, making it an affordable destination for visitors. However, specific fees may not be mentioned in some sources. It’s best to inquire with local authorities or tourism offices before planning your visit.

How can one travel to the beach from major points in Marinduque?

Poctoy White Beach is fairly accessible from major points in Marinduque. Visitors can either ride a jeepney or rent a tricycle to reach the beach.

What accommodations are available near the beach?

There are various accommodations near Poctoy White Beach that cater to different budgets and preferences. However, detailed information is scarce in the provided search results. It’s recommended to check online booking platforms or contact local tourism offices for the most updated information on accommodations.

Are there any seasonal rates or special packages for tourists?

The search results do not provide specific information about seasonal rates or special packages for tourists visiting Poctoy White Beach. It would be best to contact accommodations or local tourism offices for updated information on any available offers.

Which facilities and amenities are provided to guests?

Basic amenities are provided at Poctoy White Beach, which adds to its appeal as a simple and accessible beach destination. For more information on specific facilities, it’s suggested to inquire with local authorities or businesses in the area.

Can you provide insights on the best time to visit for optimal experience?

The search results do not mention a specific time to visit Poctoy White Beach for an optimal experience. However, it’s generally advisable to visit during the dry season in the Philippines. This period typically falls between November and May, when there is less rainfall and more favorable weather conditions for beach activities.

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